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Change happens from the inside-out.

Organizations and systems transform when leaders transform.

Are you ready to go deeper into making shifts as a leader towards greater authenticity, ease, and connection?

The Cultural Transformation assessment creates a unique map that sparks inquiry into how to leverage your strengths as a leader to develop greater authenticity, connection, and trust with your people. When your people feel alive in their work, your business will live into full spectrum values and resiliency.

Seven areas of full-spectrum values

Service to Humanity and the Planet 

Compassion, Humility, Future Generations

Making a Difference in the Community

Actualizing Meaning, Collaboration, Intuition, Mentoring, Empathy 

Finding Meaning in Existence

Integrity, Alignment, Authenticity, Creativity, Passion, Honesty, Trust 

Continuous Growth and Development 

Adaptability, Continuous Improvement, Courage, Team Player

Building a Sense of Self-Worth

Pride in Self, Self-Reliant, Excellence, Positive Self-Image

Harmonious Relationships

Family, Friendship, Belonging, Open Communication, Ritual

Physical Survival and Safety

Health, Nutrition, Financial Stability, Self-Defense



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