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All of Annie's work and education has been about creating spaces where people support each other as they grow into their authentic selves - the foundation needed to transform teams, communities, and systems.

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Wild Mountain


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Charles A. Scontras Center for

Labor Education & Outreach

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Annie jump-started her career in community development in her early 20’s when she founded a non-profit, Fairloom, that worked with local women in a Brazilian favela. Together, they established a collaborative that produced an independent income stream through the international sale of their heritage lacework. As part of this work, Annie operated between two vastly different cultures while developing the foundations of a business in Brazil and a non-profit in the States.


Annie has an innate ability to hold complex moving parts and the skills to deeply and humbly listen during challenging interpersonal issues in which cultural diversity is at play. Her exploration into how working for justice and equity can only happen from the inside-out grows with each passing day.


Since her time in Brazil, most of Annie's work has been co-developing community food-systems programs in Maine and consulting with collaborative projects. She has also directed food justice & leadership youth programs, mostly with youth who came to the States as refugees and asylum seekers. Annie has spent years as a worker-owner in a business cooperative and has been a resident-owner of a housing cooperative.

Annie has a Masters in Community Economic Development, a Bachelors in Early Childhood Education. Certifications include: 

  • Cultural Transformation Tools practitioner from the Barrett Values Centre

  • Evolutionary Coaching from Evolution Inside Out

  • Facilitator & Practitioner of Respectful Confrontation from the Weston Network

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The Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts and Maine are where Annie and her daughter, Alma, call home.


Annie thrives on creating space for people to discover and embrace their collective power - and in the process, transform personally, organizationally, collectively, and systemically. 

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